kbacken is proud to present

Ekbacken's Queen of Spades, Queen of Diamonds
Blackjack, Queen of Hearts & Queen of Clubs
8 weeks old

Miranda's puppies, 9 weeks old:

Ekbacken's Queen of Hearts
"Miss Pittypat"
owned by Riley Allen, Georgia.

Ekbacken's Queen of Diamonds
owned by Colette Theis, Minnesota.

Ekbacken's Queen of Spades
"Sadie Mariposa Nina"
owned by Marsha Berg, Illinois.

Ekbacken's Blackjack
owned by Emily Brown & Mary Olive, Minnesota.

Joey, Miranda, Mindy and Miss Pittypat

Miss Pittypat and Sadie

Ekbacken's Queen of Clubs
owned by Ulrika Petersson, Minnesota.

Ekbacken's Queen of Clubs

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