Miss Pittypat Sire Dam

Miss Pittypat's littermates (4-8 weeks)

Miss Pittypat's littermates (9 weeks)

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kbacken is proud to present

Ekbacken's Queen Of Hearts, CGC, AX, MXJ

NEW AGILITY TITLE!! October 2006

New Agility Title!!

November 7, 2004.
Ekbacken's Queen Of Hearts CGC NAJ
finished her title with two clean runs
(a score of 100)!

Congratulations to her owner
Riley Allen.

Ekbacken's Queen Of Hearts, CGC, MX, MXJ

AKC SHOW RECORD June 21, 2006:

Miss Pittypat, 2005

Miss Pittypat, 2007

Miss Pittypat, 2007

Riley & Miss Pittypat, November, 2000

Miss Pittypat, April, 2000

Miss Pittypat & Kazan, April, 2000