Ekbacken's Queen of Clubs (Pointed)
Mindy & Bard's Puppies
Born May 3, 2002.

All are spoken for.

This page: 5 - 9 weeks
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Queen Bless JP Natl. Show Time (Major Pointed)

kbacken is proud to present

Ekbacken's King of Queens, Ekbacken's Queen of Shows
and Ekbacken's Queen of Style!

Bard puppies: Blaze, Style, Chloe and Little Bit, June 2002.

Blaze, 8 weeks.
Owned and loved by the Hall family.

Style, 8 weeks.
Owned and loved by the Hoelscher family.

Chloe, 8 weeks old.
Owned and loved by the Anderson family.

Blaze, 7 weeks.

Style, 7 weeks.

Chloe, 7 weeks old.

Blaze, 6 weeks.

Style, 6 weeks.

Susan with Bard and Chloe, 6 weeks old.

Randy and Susan visiting Chloe.

Mindy & Bard's puppies 5 weeks old.

Ekbacken's King of Queens, 5 weeks old.

Ekbacken's Queen of Shows, 5 weeks old.

Ekbacken's Queen of Style, 5 weeks old.

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