Ekbacken's Queen of Clubs (Pointed)
Mindy & Bard's Puppies
Born May 3, 2002.

All are spoken for.

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Queen Bless JP Natl. Show Time (Major Pointed)

kbacken is proud to present

Ekbacken's King of Queens, Ekbacken's Queen of Shows
and Ekbacken's Queen of Style!

Ekbacken's King Of Queens, Blaze, April 3, 2003.

Ekbacken's Queen Of Style, Merry, April 24, 2003.

Ekbacken's Queen Of Shows, Chloe, April 23, 2003.

Ekbacken's Queen Of Shows, Chloe, July 6, 2003.

Land O'Lakes Kennel Club, January 5, 2003.

Bard and Chloe won Best of Winners and Reserve Winners.
Thank you judge Mrs. Michele L Billings.

December 1st, 2002. Minneapolis Kennel Club, Inc.
Ekbacken's Queen Of Shows having fun in the ring!
Owned and handled by Susan Anderson.

Christmas Greetings from Chloe and Susan!
Christmas 2002

Chloe, 5,5 months.

Chloe, 5,5 months.

Chloe following in her daddy's footsteps!

Susan and Chloe have finished their puppy kindergarten classes. They are now taking conformation classes.
Chloe's first show was at Minneapolis Kennel Club, Inc November 30th and December 1st, 2002.

Thank you for the fun photos!
Keep up the good work!

Ekbacken's King Of Queens

Ekbacken's King Of Queens, 14 weeks.
Owned and loved by the Hall family in Minnesota.

Christmas Greetings from Blaze!
Christmas 2002

Blaze, 6 months.

Carol and Blaze have finished their puppy kindergarten classes and also completed their Obedience / Beginner 1 classes.
Next they are going to the Obedience 2 classes, which will then lead into the agility classes after Blaze is one year old.

Thank you for the great photos!
Keep up the good work!

Ekbacken's Queen Of Style

Ekbacken's Queen Of Style is owned and loved
by the Hoelscher family in Texas.

Merry, 4 months.

Merry is our little Southern bell
in Houston, Texas. Merry and Peggy are taking obedience classes at Georgia Thomas's Havenlea Dog Training Center.

Thank you for the cute photos!
Keep up the good work!

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