Tyra Sire Dam

Video of Tyra doing Agility!

Tyra's Puppy photos!

Tyra at 5 months!

Tyra at 7 months!

Mio meets Tyra and her friends! Tyra's brother Mio

kbacken is proud to present

Ekbacken's Tyra Elly

We are happy to announce
that Tyra has moved to Mrs. Shari Heino, in Texas.
Watch for them at the Agility trials!

Tyra was CERF tested February 12th, 2000.

November, 1998:

Tyra finished her introduction class in Agility.
Congratulations Tyra and Shari!
Keep up the good work!

April, 1999:

Tyra is beginning a Starters level I class in Agility.

October, 1999:

Many thanks to Shari and Shawn for putting together this film,
we are now able to show you Tyra doing Agility!
What a wonderful Papillon girl!
Please click here on the camera ,
it will only take a few minutes to receive.

May, 2000:

Tyra got her first Q in Agility,
AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves!
And she also got 3rd place in her class!
Congratulations to you both, from Ekbacken's Papillons!!

Tyra, September 1998.

Tyra, Christmas 1999.

Tyra and Mio.

Tyra, Shelby and Mio.

Tyra and her new Papillon family,
Che and Precious.

Tyra and Che

Tyra playing with a pig toy.

Here are more photos of Tyra, and her littermates:

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In Memory of Idalia.

Meet Tyra's new family at Shari and Sean's Wild Weezels !

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