Mio Sire Dam

Mio's Puppy photos!

Mio at 7 months!

Mio meets his new Papillon friends!

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Ekbacken's Mio Min Mio

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Tyra, Shelby and Mio.

Mio is owned by Rene and Shelby Fitch in Texas.
Shelby & Mio will start competing in Agility, spring of 2000.
Watch for them in Texas!!

Spring of 1999:
Shari Heino is taking Mio to Puppy Agility class.
He is also doing conformation. Mio wins his Puppy classes
and takes one Reserve Winners (at a Major).

Spring of 1999:
"Mio; The Therapy Dog."
Mio is overjoyed at meeting all the people at the local nursing home.
He gives kisses to everyone who wants them. What a star!

Fall of 1999:
Mio and Shelby are taking Agility classes.

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