kbacken is proud to present
Ekbacken's Mio Min Mio

We are happy to announce that Mio is now living
with Shari and Shawn, and their "Wild Weezels"!

We met up with Shari and her Papillons in Memphis, Tennesee.
Thanks Shari, for bringing Tyra. We really enjoyed seeing her again!

On this page you can meet Mio's (and Tyra's) new Papillon family.

Mio, Tyra, Che, Precious and Scully are owned by Shari Heino,
and Yatzi is owned by Ulrika Petersson.

We hope we can meet you all soon again!

Tyra, Precious, Yatzi, Mio and Scully.

Tyra, Precious, Che, Yatzi, Mio and Scully.

Precious, Yatzi, Che, Mio, and Tyra.

Tyra and Yatzi.

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